Kurt Stache


Prior to retiring from American Airlines as the former Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Kurt’s responsibilities included Sales, Marketing, the AAdvantage Loyalty Program, AA.com and Flight Services. As Senior Vice President of Alliances & Partnerships, Kurt was responsible for managing the airline’s global alliances, including American’s joint ventures with British Airways, Japan Airlines and Qantas as well as the oneworld Alliance. Before that, Kurt served as Vice President – International, with responsibilities for the Atlantic and Pacific regions. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Kurt brings to Clear Sky a deep understanding of the airline industry and an extensive network of airline executives around the world.  

As a Partner in Clear Sky, Kurt will lead the activities in the Americas as well as Tier 1 industry investors.  

Why is sustainability in aviation so important to you?

Having grown up and worked in multiple continents, I have travelled the world extensively and realize the importance of aviation to our modern-day society. It promotes commerce, and more importantly, brings people together. I cannot imagine a world without aviation. For future generations to enjoy the privilege of flying, we must find a way to do it sustainably.

What excites you about the Clear Sky mission?

Achieving aviation carbon neutrality by 2050 is a significant challenge, and I’m excited by what Clear Sky can contribute to reach this goal. Bringing together talented individuals from science, technology and business to innovate and invest in sustainability will be an exciting and impactful journey.

How do you balance life with work?

I enjoy spending time with my wife and my son and daughter who are now both attending university. I am also an avid pilot and spend time flying small airplanes. Health and exercise are important to me - nothing starts my day like a run or a bike ride.

What is on your Spotify playlist right now?

I listen to many genres, but I am partial to the 1970s. My current play list includes music from the Rolling Stones, Elton John, Eagles, Bee Gees, Abba, and I also enjoy a mix of jazz and Mozart.


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