Julia Sattel


Julia started her career in technology at Toshiba and gained further international experience in AEG Matra, holding executive positions in both companies. She entered travel technology when joining Amadeus and has driven outstanding growth and expansion there in her roles as VP Distribution and later President Airlines with responsibility for the global Amadeus airline business unit. She sealed Amadeus worldwide leadership position through the acquisition of Navitaire’s Low-Cost Carrier system.  Her leadership style is marked by building excellence and team spirit around her and setting stretch goals.

Julia holds a PhD in Mathematics and an MBA in Economics from Cologne University. Lately she completed a certificate in Digital Strategy at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Beyond her extensive experience in technology and leading global organisations at scale Julia brings an experience in driving success through synergy across various companies.

As a partner in Clear Sky, she will act as a catalyst for success. She will support streamlining the portfolio of solutions to accelerate reaching the net-zero target through focus and cooperation. Her extensive network in the industry will ensure success of the Clear Sky's partnership strategy.

Why is sustainability in aviation so important to you?

I have two big passions in life - nature and traveling. Achieving the net-zero emission target is vital for both to exist in harmony. As we begin solving the problem for aviation it also supports solving the global challenge of green energy.

What excites you about the Clear Sky mission?

Clear Sky is about achieving a sustainable future through technology, innovation and collaboration. It’s a bold ambition, but I believe that with talent and dedication we can achieve it. As we move along the path towards sustainability in aviation, we will help make the world a better place.

How do you balance life with work?

I love what I do – so work is fun. I thrive working with new ideas, people and technologies, and driving results.  I also spend time playing sport, and love music and literature. All of this gives me balance and joy.

What is on your Spotify playlist right now?

Classical, blues, tango, rock - I just love music, no matter the genre.


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