We are a unique investment company, dedicated to sustainability in the aviation industry

Sustainability is becoming the aviation industry’s #1 issue

But to make the transition to net-zero a reality, there is an urgent need for more investment and greater collaboration

Our team is a unique mix of aviation, sustainability and investment experts...

...all dedicated to funding the journey to carbon neutral skies.

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Why Clear Sky?

Sustainable aviation is essential
Sustainability is becoming the #1 issue for the aviation industry. It accounts for ~2.5% of global emissions and ~4-6% including non-CO2 effects, with the share set to grow over time. Aviation is committed to net carbon neutrality by 2050, but to make this transition a reality, there is an urgent need for more investment and greater collaboration.
The industry is not yet on track to achieve it
Whilst many individual players have plans and initiatives, collectively the industry is falling far short of what is required. Under current, business-as-usual scenarios, aviation emissions are set to rise by 2% per year. Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) currently costs between 2 and 5 times the cost of regular jet fuel and accounts for only 0.1% of current fuel volumes. Given limited historical investment we are decades away from meaningful adoption of low emissions propulsion technologies for large, long-haul aircraft.
The solution is technology & collaboration
Only 25-40% of emissions can be reduced through efficiency gains; 60-75% require investment in new technology innovation and commercialization. Long investment cycles mean we need to find industry scale solutions in the next ~10 years. Typically, it takes time to implement new innovations in aviation and current funding is a mere fraction of what is needed for meaningful impact.

About Us

We are an investment company dedicated to aviation sustainability and accelerating net-zero for the aviation industry.
We generate profound financial returns, but only if these returns benefit our objective of accelerating net zero for the sector.
Our team of 20 is a unique mix of aviation, sustainability, energy, and investment experts.
We are well positioned to encourage inter-enterprise collaboration and help the aviation industry achieve sustainability objectives that the individual players will struggle to do by themselves.
We are a multi-asset class investment company. The sustainability challenge requires a mix of venture capital, private equity, public equity, and infrastructure investments.
We have deep expertise across the aviation value chain, including SAF, carbon-capture, hydrogen and operations automation - all of which will be part of the sustainable aviation solution.

Clear Sky is an initiative from RAIN, and benefits from the extensive finance and investing experience of the RAIN team.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”
Robert Swan OBE, polar explorer

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