David Hughes

Expert Partner

David has 35+ years' experience and has spent his career leading and optimizing businesses at the intersection of energy and petrochemicals. He was a Vice President at SABIC in Riyadh for 8 years during which time he was led their global organization redesign.  Subsequent roles have included P&L and strategic responsibility for global chemical businesses. As Vice Chairman of Petrochemicals Europe, he led advocacy initiatives on behalf of the European Petrochemicals industry. More recently he founded Catalsys, a company focused on developing off-grid green electricity. 

As expert partner David brings deep expertise of the global petrochemical and polymers industry, an extensive professional network and practical experience of green energy solutions and hydrogen transportation.

Why is sustainability in aviation so important to you?

Sustainable aviation is important because it ensures that future generations will inherit a cleaner and healthier planet. As a father myself, I am very motivated to tackle this challenge. I believe it is absolutely possible to significantly reduce emissions and minimize the environmental impact of air travel – although it will take new levels of both innovation and coordination to make it happen.

What excites you about the Clear Sky mission?

Well, it excites me to try to leave the planet in a better place than I found it – and I believe in the Clear Sky team and their approach to drive coordination across a broad selection of industry players. 

How do you balance life with work?

I live in the North of England close to beautiful hills that I like to explore hiking and on my trusty mountain bike.   My lockdown hobby was drawing – something I never thought I’d be any good at, but now I’ve progressed on to oil paints and it’s a great way to relax and focus.

What is on your Spotify playlist right now?

My playlist is quite eclectic – true to my Northern roots, I listen to a lot of Northern Soul. And my time living in the Middle East gave me a taste for modern Middle Eastern music.  I tend to listen to very different tracks depending on whether I am working out, writing or painting.  So depending on the day, it could be Al Wilson, Amr Diab or Albinoni.


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